My Bloggg!! 😎

Hey!! Welcome to my Blog!! I’m Vrose and a 12 year old blogger!! I LOVE sports and also love reading/writing!! My blog is mostly about completely RANDOM things, from nails to coloring, art, sports, books, basketball, making videos, writing, piano, music, and A WHOLE BUNCH MORE!! I don’t really have a theme to my unorganized blog bcz I LOVE so many things… Well, feel free to relax and scroll through my CRAZY blog and hopefully you’ll find something interesting to keep you entertained!! Have fun!! 🎆

You can read more about me in my About page! I also have a post about me so check that out! *Click here*

What Do You Think? 🤔

I’ve been wanting to do an assumption post for a while now! And now that I have 30 followers I think I’m gonna do one right now!!!! 😆😆😆 Also thanks so much to…………🌈🎶Kupsocreative36☀️🦋 for being my 30th FOLLOWER! You are AWESOME!! ❤️❤️ Okieee, here is the question: What do you think I look like? YES! […]

The Original Outstanding Blogger Award!!

Hey guys! Welcome back! Or I’d you’re new welcome!! Today I have another award for you!! Here it is: The Rules: 1. Provide the link to the creator’s original award post. (very important: see why in step 5) 2. Answer the questions provided. 3. Create 7 unique questions. 4. Nominate 10 bloggers. Ensure that they […]

Where Am I?

You might be asking where am I at this moment. Well my answer is sitting down at a table eating peanut butter crackers in beautiful Florida writing this post. Why am I in this paradise beach? Because I am going to 2 weddings. One for my Aunt on my dads side and another for my […]

Piano Passion: The Prayer/Old songs I know!!

Hi!! Welcome back to my blog!! (Or if you’re new WELCOME!!) In my other piano post I talked about a couple songs I learned about 2-3 years ago! 😄 Wellllllll, today I’m gonna share some those songs with you!! Here’s the video: 😂😂😂 I messed up on the second song SOO much!! 😂 The first […]

The Food Award!!!

Hey Guys I’m SO excited bcz this is my first EVER award!! 😆😆😆😆 Okie lets start!! Thank you so much Lrose5 for nominating me!! :)) That was so sweet of you!! She has 2 AMAZING blogs! Her first is a very creative blog full of AMAZING posts!!! I would REALLY recommend that one out!! She […]

Re-writing Fun Memories and making them CRAZY…

Hi Hi! Today I was thinking about something that my friend and I (Truceygirl) did In March. For fun, I emailed her a interesting story about that time! (Which was fake obviously) I like to make random stories and write them in the style of the 1800’s, or other things! This on is just SUPER […]

Nifty Nails ❤️🌹💅🏼

Hey guys! Since making videos is so much fun now I am basically going to make a video for all my posts! (If I can) Well today I made a nail time lapse video! It was SOO much fun to make! I did my two favorite colors! Blue and purple! 😏 The glitter was actually […]

Crazy Coloring! 😜

Hey guys! Today I dug through a box in my closet and discovered a box of Brush Pens my sister gave me last Christmas. I loved these pens but someone had put them in a box! I’ve been looking for them EVERYWHERE! Well, I dug in further to find a coloring book. I found a […]


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