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Shoot For The Stars!!

Hey gang!! Yes I’m back!! Whoo hoo! I was off for a little while before so sorry about T5F and the comments and all your guys posts!! I’m gonna catch up on all of them though! So, just to let you know, i may miss a few T5F but i will try not too!! :))


My Cousin Started A Blog!!!! It’s called “shoot for the stars”!!! So go check it out RIGHT NOW!!!! Click HERE!!!!!! Don’t forget to follow!!! :))

So I’m actually at the beach right now!! A post bout that will come out soon! And the giveaway will come in about a week or a half. Sooooo ba bye for now peeps!!!! <333


Hey! I’m Vrose the girl behind Shining bright!! I’m a 12 year old catholic girl who loves sports, basketball, dogs, emojis,whales, turtles, and more! My main site is Shining Bright but I also have a CRAZY site with my best friend in the entire universe TruceyGirl, Donk + Goose!!!!! Go check that out and also don’t forget to check out TruceyGirl’s site too!!!

51 thoughts on “Shoot For The Stars!!

  1. Da beachhhhhhh.. and I haven’t gotten access,. But I’ll follow for sure! Also, if “hey gang” is gonna be your intro, there’s a bitmoji you can use! It says the same exact words😂😝

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